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ECは 1991 年の創立以来、留学生たちのグローバル社会での



幅広い英語コースの中から選択できます。専門知識を有する親しみやすい教師陣が、滑らかに英語を使いこなせるよう指導してくれます。コースでは、世 界中から集まった学生たちと一緒に忘れられない体験を味わえます。

当校の美しく近代的な校舎はいずれも英語を話す国にあり、ロケーションも最高です。さら にさまざまな滞在先オプション、楽しいソーシャルアクティビティ、無料の学習オプションで、英語力向上を保証します。

本校で学ぶのが 1週間でも 1年間でも、人生で最高の時間にすることをお約束します。

EC で英語を学びましょう!





Learn English in Dublin and experience Irish culture.


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  • Aida


    studied at EC ニューヨーク校

    I definitely recommend EC New York because there are very expert teachers and I had a very good time with them. The groups are small and the teacher can pay attention to you easily. They have a different way to teach English that is fun and quick. I also like all ...

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  • Alba Castell

    Alba Castell

    studied at EC ボストン校

    I have come to EC Boston to improve my certain skills such as reading and writing. Since the first day in EC I have improved a lot. Also, there are many activities in EC that made my speaking better. I totally like EC teachers and students. Not only that I ...

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  • Aleksandra Donoszewska

    Aleksandra Donoszewska

    studied at EC ロンドン校 30+

    There are simply many cheap connections between Warshaw and London. I've school very well organised. I imporved my medical vocabulary during individual lessons, and I've also improved speaking and listening in English. I would recommend EC to my friends. The staff was very friendly and patient. ...

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  • Alessandro Scognamiglio

    Alessandro Scognamiglio

    studied at EC ケープタウン校

    I have been studying at EC Cape Town for 2 months now. I would recommend studying here asthe teachers are brilliant and the atmosphere is great. I like living here as it is close to the sea and it’s cheap to live. I really like the school because it has great ...

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  • Alessio Crosa

    Alessio Crosa

    studied at EC ニューヨーク校

    Does New York need any introduction? Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty speak for themselves. Is there anyone who doesn't know what Times Square is? Because EC New York is located exactly there, in the heart of the Big Apple! Besides the amazing location, EC ...

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  • Andre Pinto Strum

    Andre Pinto Strum

    studied at EC バンクーバー校

    In May this year I decided to take one month leave to study English and strengthen my CV. Initially, I needed to choose between Canada and USA, and many friends recommended Canada. I searcheda lot about Canada, especially Vancouver, and I realized that in addition to doing a good course in ...

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  • Andrea Carolina Martinez Dominguez

    Andrea Carolina Martinez Dominguez

    studied at EC ボストン校

    I chose Boston because my brother studied here and he told me about the city. I learned a lot of English but also I learned a lot about other cultures and how can I live without my family. I improved a lot, when I arrived I couldn’t say hello. My ...

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  • Anna Brun

    Anna Brun

    studied at EC サンディエゴ校

    A friend of mine studied at EC one year ago, and she told me it was great. All people are so open and friendly in San Diego. It’s a great place to enjoy life and also learn English. My favourite memory is the activity when we went to a Baseball ...

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  • Astrid Caicedo

    Astrid Caicedo

    studied at EC ニューヨーク校

    I love New York. It's my favourite city because it's a mix of a lot of cultures. I have met many people from different countries, and I have become friends with them. It's amazing how different or similar our cultures are. I have even learned some words like"Hello" in Japanese, ...

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  • Ayako Uchida

    Ayako Uchida

    studied at EC バンクーバー校

    The teachers here at EC Vancouver are excellent. They are well educated and very skilful. Also, there are only a few Japanese students, which is great because I don't want to speak Japanese. Vancouver is a very beautiful city. People from Vancouver have a warm heart for students who are learning ...

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  • Bae Geuudong

    Bae Geuudong

    studied at EC ロンドン校 30+

    I'm very happy to be here. When I was studying in EC London 30+ I learned a lot of expressions in English. And I was very happy. If I stay in London longer I would like to study at EC London 30+. I'll keep studying English constantly after I'll go ...

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  • Abdulslam Mohammed

    Abdulslam Mohammed

    studied at EC サンフランシスコ校

    I'm from Maccah, Saudi Arabia and I'm 22 years old.I'm studying English to understand many people across the world, and I like San Francisco.The peopleare very friendly and helpful, and there are also many restaurants which serve delicious food and beverages.​I like EC because on my first day here, I ...

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  • Agnes


    studied at EC ロンドン校 30+

    After a long time at EC San Diego, I wanted to come to EC London 30+ for many reasons. First of all, I wanted to improve my English and acquire the English accent. It was important for me to do it in a country where the culture and history were strong. ...

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