Blended learning to boost your progress

Add Fusion to any EC English course and increase your learning using powerful digital technology. Fusion includes live online sessions with an EC teacher and access to our learning platform.

You decide how, when and where you learn, and we ensure every moment of your time is optimised.

You will particularly benefit from Fusion if you would like to:

  • Maximise your learning
  • Gain confidence before you travel
  • Personalise your learning experience

Efficient, flexible and personalised – adding Fusion to your course to optimises your EC experience.

Fusion Features

Available on IOS, Android and Windows

to fit your lifestyle; your progress is always synced across devices

State-of-the-art digital learning technology

adapts to your interests and goals. Career-specific units focus on Business, Medicine, Law and much more

Over 55,000 hours of authentic content

updated daily from the world’s top publishers, including the Financial Times, Associated Press and Bloomberg

Real-time tuition from EC teachers 

now in live online sessions as well as in the classroom

Unlimited live conversation sessions

so you can keep practising your speaking skills, from the moment you get home until the end of your programme

How Fusion Works


Start learning English on our powerful digital platform. You will assess your level, choose your subjects, and monitor how you are progressing in each skill using detailed online metrics.


Before you study abroad, you will also attend live online sessions with an EC teacher - including group and private sessions. Choose your session times and private tutor based on your requirements.


Once at the EC school of your choice, you will join other students, feeling confident and ready to interact in English. Make even better, faster progress because of your online preparation.


Keep learning online and developing your speaking skills with group conversation sessions. In the remaining private sessions, you can target any language areas you would like to focus on and receive personalised feedback.

Choose your Fusion

Which do you prefer, the six or twelve month programme?

Fusion 12

Online Course Length:
12 months

Before you travel:
8 weeks: 8 private sessions (1 per week) + 16 group sessions (2 per week)

When you get home:
4 private sessions + unlimited conversation sessions until the end of your programme

Fusion 6

Online Course Length:
6 months

Before you travel:
4 weeks: 4 private sessions (1 per week) + 8 group sessions (2 per week)

When you get home:
2 private sessions + unlimited conversation sessions until the end of your programme

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