All of our English courses are carefully created by a team of curriculum design specialists who make sure that your child receives top-quality language learning methodology and resources throughout their EC experience. Young Learner programmes are developed with our students’ success in mind, with a commitment to providing a strong foundation in the language that could launch them into future academic and professional success.

Themed Lessons

All lessons and activities work together. Each week covers a different theme and what’s learnt in class is linked with activities outside of the classroom. That means learners get to use and practise their skills every single day!

Real World Skills

Our students develop all 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, with each lesson focusing on a different topic and covering language used in real-world contexts. Our Young Learners also benefit from countless opportunities to practise their newly-acquired skills outside of the classroom and during activities that tie into the topics covered in class.

Friends From Around The World

Every year, students join our Young Learner programmes from around 70 different countries around the globe! This means making friends with people from different cultural backgrounds, learning about new places, and most importantly – communicating in English while having fun together!

Take a look at the combined nationality mix across all our English schools:

  • French 15%
  • Italian 11%
  • Russian 10%
  • Spanish 7%
  • German 6%
  • Swiss 6%
  • Turkish 4%
  • Saudi Arabian 4%
  • Austrian 4%
  • Other 31%

Top Teachers

Every teacher is hand-picked by EC to ensure that your child is taught by dedicated professionals with the experience, qualifications, and positive attitude to guide them towards using English with fluency and confidence. Each student receives individual attention and is encouraged to participate in classroom activities and group projects.

Immersive Learning

All EC teachers adopt a communicative approach to complement the variety of teaching methods employed to engage students, no matter the language level. Using a range of individual tasks and structured group work, students improve their English, increase confidence, and get the chance to activate the language points they’re learning.

Confidence and Success

Once your child’s experience has drawn to a close, they will receive an official EC certificate as proof and acknowledgement of the hard work and effort that it takes to complete their course. Every Young Learner returns home with greater confidence, improved fluency, and the core skills they need to speak English and succeed in a global community.

Classroom Atmosphere

Lessons take place in beautifully bright, spacious classrooms. Students can move freely during group work and class activities, making friends and practising their communication skills in a casual, pleasant atmosphere. Every student has their own desk space, and classrooms are usually decorated with our students’ own colourful project work and assignments!

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